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The trick is to see yourself through your husband’s eyes. You may feel as if your tummy is too big for the lingerie you’re wearing, but if he expresses to you that you look extremely sexy in it and it’s his favorite, WEAR IT! You may think that scar on your left thigh is the ugliest thing you have ever seen when it’s probably the very last thing on his mind….if it is at all. You may feel silly wearing that trench coat and those red bottoms with nothing on underneath because you’ve never done it before, but I guarantee you, “silly” is the farthest adjective from his mind. You may think you’re going to sound crazy if you moan like that, or look stupid if you make that face or he’ll be offended if you say harder or deeper, when in actuality, watching you lose yourself in passion for him is the sexiest gift you can ever give. To him, in that moment, you’re the sexiest woman alive. Allow yourself to be lost in your husband’s fantasy and bring it to life. YOU know how sexy looks. Arch your back, sway your hips and give him a wink before you proceed to give him the best night of his life!

The Marriage Bed

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