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Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!

Kissing is one of the sexiest ways to let your partner know what mood you’re in. And  nothing hits the spot like the right kiss at the right time.


Slow and Sensual let’s them know you’re in the mood to take your time to explore. Softly caress their body or cup their face with both hands and pull their lips toward yours. This kiss is better with all eyes closed as you both explore each other’s mouths.


A Passionate kiss lets them know you mean business. You’ve been having naughty thoughts about them all day and you finally have them in your arms.  You both should be wrapped in each other’s embrace as the kiss intensifies with every second. Soft nibbles on the lower lip, ear and down the neck all combine to set the scene for a passionate showdown.


Kinky kisses lets them know things are about to get “interesting”. Pin their hands above their heads, preferably against a wall, look them in the eyes and bite their lower lip just hard enough to give them a thrill. Then pull out your kinky items from Vixen’s Lair! A blindfold, a pair of cuffs or maybe some edible lube!

Try our Creative Kisses card game for more amazing kissing ideas.

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