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When Couples Use Toys

When Couples Use Toys



It is perfectly fine for couples to use toys to spice up their relationship. I talk to couples and people in relationships on a daily basis and it’s amazing how the smallest misconception about toys can keep a couple from flourishing sexually. These are a few of the most common ones I encounter.

- Wanting to buy a toy does not automatically mean one or both partners suck in bed. In many cases it simply means that one or both partners are open to exploring and giving new pleasure to each other.

- In every conversation I’ve had with customers, it has been made clear on numerous occasions “There’s nothing like the real thing!” Even from customers who have a drawer full of toys. So rest assured no matter how many toys she has in her pleasure trunk, she will always prefer you!

- Toys are here to enhance your sexual experiences. They are meant to add sensations that a regular human may not be able to offer. So relax, no need to compete with the toy, let it to its job while you do whatever YOU do best. For example, its impossible for a guy to suck on his lady’s clitoris while he penetrates her. Apply one of our suction toys to her clit while stroking her and watch her go insane! No competition needed.

- We always tell our couples to use their toys together so the experience is shared. But don’t forget to continue improving your own sexual skills and tricks and studying your partner and how to please them so the toys continue to be only enhancers.

CLICK HERE for recommendations for couples. Happy Playing!

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