50 Shades of Grey "Play Nice" Dice
50 Shades of Grey "Play Nice" Dice
50 Shades of Grey "Play Nice" Dice

50 Shades of Grey "Play Nice" Dice

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Do you dare leave your fate to these three dice? Relinquish control and let Lady Luck decide, with the Play Nice Kinky Dice for Couples. Throw the dice to discover your erotic destiny, taking it in turns to enjoy the carnal delights they present. With an array of possibilities you'll be kept firmly on your toes.

Will you be nibbling their neck in the kitchen? Or having your nipples stroked in the Red Room? There's only one way to find out...

Your game includes three dice. The white dice shows your location, the grey dice reveals your body part and the black dice shows your action.
Take it in turns to roll all three dice to discover your next erotic adventure.
If the grey dice falls on Fifty Shades of Grey symbol, the roller gets to decide where the action will take place on their lover's body.
Similarly, if the white dice falls on The Red Room, it's up to them to decide where to do the dead. It can be anywhere the roller finds most erotic. be it the stairs or the backyard.
To simplify your game, you can always remove the white dice and play only with black and grey.
For extra spice, you can reciprocate your lover's turn, Or, add a time limit for every action. Let the games begin!

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