Mini Love Notes

Mini Love Notes

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Mini One-Sided Notecards with different colored envelopes. Each tiny note card is lovingly handlettered (not typed) then professionally printed on heavyweight white matte cardstock. Each little love card and has a different message including:

- I like you how I like my coffee... constantly inside me.
- You're the fucking best. (You're also the best at fucking).
- I literally, figuratively, metaphorically, & physically love you.
- I licked this envelope. You should have seen me. It was sexy as fuck.
- Your penis + my vagina Best Friends Forever.
- I love you to the bedroom and back.
- My vagina is now hiring. Inquire within.
- My vagina literally blushes at the thought of you.
- You're my missing piece.
- Wish you were here (and in me).
- I think I'll keep you (and not just because you really know how to use your penis).
- I'm just a gal totally in love with a guy who happens to have the best cock ever.
- You got me dickmatized
- You are the card to my envelope. Ready for insertion.

Tape one to the bathroom mirror. Tape one onto the fridge. Set one on his/her coffee mug. Put one in the pocket of his/her favorite jeans. Place one on his/her computer keyboard. Tape one to his/her laptop... anywhere and everywhere for a nice surprise.

Each card measures 2.5" x 3.5." Each envelope measures 2.7" x 4."