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Date Night!

Date Night!

Yes I am painfully aware of how corny this might sound to some of you, but trust me...IT'S AWESOME! With all the responsibilities life thrusts upon us, we barely have time to properly kiss our partner good morning. The kettle is whistling, your back aches from that old mattress, little Johnny's science project just blew up all over the kitchen and little sally woke up with gum tangled all through her hair....again! These are just some of the tiny day to day things that can keep us extremely occupied. Imagine the bigger things!
Date Night is a night just for you and your partner to do whatever it is that you want to do. Even if it's renting a room just to chill out and laze around. Pick one night out of the week, whichever night works best for both of you. Fill this night out on your schedule for the rest of the year as DATE NIGHT so that other events are planned around it. It's your special time just for the two of you. Ditch the kids (and the dog), turn off all devices that you won't be using together, and enjoy each other's company.
My husband and I sometimes use aliases (our middle names) and we pretend that we're out on a date with someone we're just getting to know. It makes you act the way you did when you first got together, and all relationships need this little reminder from time to time.
Give DATE NIGHT a shot, you won't regret it!

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