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I went to a marriage seminar a few years back and all couples had to fill out a form with some basic marriage related questions. One of them was “Do you rub each other’s feet? If so, how often?” I thought this was rather odd. Most of the couples’ answers were either very rare or not at all. However, there was this one couple who said “Oh yes everyday we rub each other’s feet when we get home, don’t you guys do it?? It’s the best part of the day!” As the night went on I observed this couple and they seemed so relaxed and happy with each other. The husband kept his arm around his wife most of the time. They laughed and chuckled at little private jokes and whispered in each other’s ear. It was as if they were love struck teenagers, although they had been married for over 10 years!

Now I’m not saying that rubbing each other’s feet is the key to having a happy, long lasting relationship. We all know that it takes much more than that. But as I watched this couple it occurred to me that they were so relaxed and close with each other because they spend real, genuine quality time together. THAT, my friends, is a major gateway to a novel relationship.

We are all mostly tired when we get home at the end of the day. Most times the general aim is to get everyone fed, showered and in bed. Somewhere along the line, within this routine, communication and quality time is lost. What if we took ten minutes out of every evening just to rub each other’s feet? Just 5 minutes per person. In that five minutes, the person in the chair gets to share the most significant parts of their day while the other listens and comments, then vice versa. For some of you it may be a little awkward at first because good communication has been lost. Give it time. You might be amazed at the things you learn about each other, and before long, those 10 minutes become 15, then 20, maybe even 30! You’ll never know until you at least try.

Challenge: STINKY FEET! Oh Yea! Don’t think I haven’t considered this challenge! What did Jesus do? Need I say more? Demonstrate your unconditional love. Soak his/her feet in some relaxing bath salts like our Vicks Vapobath Crystals, grab our fragrant Vixations Strawberry Daiquiri massage oil, and get down to business!

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