Let's be logical about this. How fair is it for you to want us to always be fresh and clean with soft silky skin, nicely shaved, wearing sexy lingerie and smelling delicious and you're just coming from a basketball game in the heat of summer trying to get it on?? Not very fair right? Brace yourself for this one: IT'S OK FOR MEN TO TAKE OF THEMSELVES TOO!! It doesn't make you any less of a man to make sure you're always smelling nice for your lady, taking time to coordinate your clothes properly, and yes even take care of your skin and make sure your hands and feet don't bruise her skin when they rub against her! Like the ladies, let's take baby steps:


2. Shave - Yes you read it correctly. I said SHAVE. Let me break this down. You don't like us to be hairy down there right? What makes you think WE like it on YOU?? Believe it or not, we sure do appreciate a guy who knows the power of a fresh shave below the belt. And not just on top either, get low....real low. What if she wants to lick your "coin purse"? I don't know about other women but a hairy coin purse is not something I want on my menu (if you don't know what a coin purse is ask Stewie from Family Guy). The whole essence of going down on a man is so much more enhanced when he is shaved. If she doesn't go down on you, give it a try. BONUS: it can even make you look bigger!

3: Cologne - Just like a nice spelling woman, there's just something about a man who walks by and lights up your nostrils with a little piece of heaven. Yours truly LOVES a good smelling man. But some of you really overdo it. I suspect its because you're trying to make up for skipping step 1. Guys, please stop drowning yourself with cologne, trust me WE HATE IT! In this area less is definitely more.

4. Manscaping - There is nothing wrong with a man who looks after his skin, gets massages, takes care of his hands and feet or has a good soak in a bath every now and then. It makes him no less of a man. As a matter of fact in my eyes he's more of a man because he is secure enough in his manhood to take these steps to ensure he's always looking and feeling nice for his woman.

Just so you know, real players are very aware of these little steps, and they go to great lengths to take care of themselves in order to get the women they want....including yours.

BONUS: Before you get her riled up for a hot session, rub some tasty edible massage oil or cream on the tip and down the length of your shaft. She'll be greeted with a pleasant surprise when she goes down to taste you.

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