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For most of you this is not a problem, but for those of you who think he doesn't notice when you've had a really long day at the office...think again. Especially if these "long days" seem very frequent. I've actually met one or two guys who love their woman's "natural funk". Believe it or not it's like an aphrodisiac for them. But if your man is not one of these guys you need to keep this in check. When we've been with our partner for a long time we tend to let things like this slip. Imagine what it was like when you first started to date. You went the extra mile to make sure everything was right. You know what you did...I don't have to tell you. I know it's not as easy as it use to be with the kids, work, home and everything else, but get back to taking care of yourself, no matter how tiny it may be. Let's take baby steps:

1. Shower Daily - this should go without saying but believe it or not some people don't do this. (gasp)

2. Shave - there is nothing like running your fingers over soft, SMOOTH skin. And there is nothing less sexy than a woman in sexy lingerie with Protruding hair from places it shouldn't be protruding from! So take the extra time, shave your legs, your arm pits, anywhere that only MEN should have hair, and yes down low as well! If you are concerned about the discomfort that comes with hair growing back, try trimming low instead of hacking it all off. Trust me, you'll feel so much better.

3. Perfume - nothing says "I AM WOMAN" more than a lady who smells divine. Not only is it sexy but it is something that gives the impression that you are a woman who takes care of herself. It doesn't take much. Most people like to put a little on the neck or behind the ear, but what if he wants to kiss you there?? Not a good taste. What I recommend is to hold the bottle in the air at arm's length, spray once or twice, and allow the mist to fall low enough for you to walk into it. This allows for a more even distribution of the scent with no major concentration on one area. You can even do it again and step backward into it. Front & Back, and you're done!

4. Pamper Yourself - I know this one takes a little more effort, so we won't push too hard here. How about we make a promise to do this once per month. Whatever it is that you like (and can afford) to do, do it! A hair and nail appointment, pedicure, body sugaring session, facial, hot stone massage, whatever it takes to make you feel like a woman, not just someone's wife or mom.

Bonus: For those times when you can't get to a shower and he says he's "coming for a quick lunch", I recommend that you carry some feminine wipes in your purse. I personally like the ones from Always. Also, if you don't have super sensitive skin, use a scent between and under your breasts so that when he removes your bra he is enveloped with a heady concoction that drives him wild!

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