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Ladies you know how it goes. The work day is finally done and you head home to get the family routine started. As soon as you walk through the door you kick off your heels, throw on that old faithful and comfortable house dress with the bleach stains and reach for that proverbial staple of the house: the satin cap.

For the men with pet peeves who don’t understand this, in a nutshell this is our comfort zone. We go out into the world everyday and work hard while trying to look our best. For many of us that means hair, makeup, uncomfortable undergarments, stockings and heels…just to name a few. By the time work is done, or for the home makers who run errands all day, our feet hurt, face is oily and that darn girdle has been cutting into our skin for hours! As a husband you might not understand this…and frankly I’m not going to get side-tracked by trying to explain right now. Just know that we like to look our best and some of us don’t have the privilege of simply waking up that way. So when we walk through the door at home at the end of the day, all we want to do is tear it all off and get as comfortable as possible!

With that being said, ladies this post is for YOU. I completely understand the need for comfort at home. But let’s be honest. Does being comfortable REALLY mean we have to look like an old maid??? Not necessarily. This occurred to me one evening when I was setting up to coerce my husband into a sensual evening. He had to run to the store and while he was gone I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror with my old busted but favorite house dress and my satin cap. NOT a good look for a wife who was trying to seduce her husband. So I quickly changed and took off that cap, letting my freshly done, silky wrapped hair fall down to my shoulders. When he walked through the door he stopped in his tracks and said, “You took your cap off…wow!….you look….amazing. And your hair….”. And the rest, they say, is history.

Think about it. We spend lots of money on our hair, nails, clothes, shoes and everything else trying to impress the world. But when we get home to the person who should be our top priority, we throw him the scraps. Is this really fair?? Yes I am aware that it’s because you feel so comfortable with him and he loves and accepts you for who you are, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate when you make an effort to impress him with your appearance. Remember when you first met? How do you think side chicks keep someone’s man interested? I’m willing to bet she doesn’t keep that old housecoat and satin cap on when he says he’s coming over!

It doesn’t take much to be comfortable and still look nice at home. Try a ponytail and wait until bedtime to put your satin cap on. If it’s going to be a “hott” night, wait until the fun is over. Instead of buying shapeless house dresses, get ones that have a little shape to them to accentuate your figure. For those of you who are super comfortable with your body, get some shorts that show off your thighs and throw on one of his undershirts that hug your curves. And never EVER underestimate the power of CLEAVAGE! Yes, he’s your loving husband, but he’s still a man. And most men love the thought of being reminded that he has a HOTT WOMAN!

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