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There’s not a more depressing sight than that of a sexually miserable and deprived good man. I know most women don’t like to accept it, but the fact still remains, MEN NEED SEX. It doesn’t matter where he’s from, what he does for a living, whether he’s a bad boy or a nice guy, if he’s a criminal or raised in the church. It’s a biological fact. The way you feel when he’s protecting you, taking care of you, complimenting you and sending you flowers, is the same way he feels when you show him sexual attention: Loved. Contrary to what they might portray, men need to feel loved just as much as we do, and if you’re not “loving” him, rest assured that someone else will be. I hate to say it, and some of you women might have a problem with this statement, but a lot of you drive your man into the arms of another woman. No, I am not giving lousy, cheating men leverage to do what they do. I’m talking about good men who are putting their best foot forward, trying to be the man you need them to be. You make it so easy for him to be caught in the snares of a home wrecker when you neglect him sexually. Why? Because he’s feeling unloved and unappreciated, and she knows exactly what he needs, and has no problem giving it to him when he wants it, how he wants it, and as much as he can handle. Even though her intentions may be as deadly as poison, guess how she’s making him FEEL? You got it! LOVED!

I was a little hard on the men in my previous post, now it’s your turn. You ladies who use to wear sexy lingerie, go down on him, swing from the chandelier and use every trick in the book to seal the deal, and now that the wedding is over you’re too sanctified to get down and dirty, YOU are the home wrecker. You women who like to turn up your nose at the man when he has little requests or things he wants to try, you’re making a huge mistake. Statistically, men tend to indulge in sexually deviant behavior more than women do. So chances are your man probably has at least one really freaky fantasy that you might find really weird. Then there are some of us who have very kinky men. This can be tricky, but every man appreciates a woman who would at least try something once.

Here are a few ideas to help you step up your game:
1. Give the man some Sexual Attention – Send him a dirty text or email him a naughty picture every now and then. Let him know that you still want him. We suggest trying one of our sexy voucher books. Click Here

2. Subtly Seduce Him – when you get home from work, don’t always reach for that old house coat and satin cap. Keep your makeup on and wear something revealing, but not so revealing that the kids have to cover their eyes when you walk by. Maybe some really short shorts or something that showcases your cleavage. Brush up against him softly when you pass by each other. Create opportunities where you need to reach over him or have to bend over in front of him....innocently (don’t look at him while you do it). Pretend as if you’re not paying any attention to him at all. He won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.

3. In the Bedroom – Wear something sexy with heels. Click Here for some ideas. When he undresses you, keep your heels on....THE WHOLE TIME. Let him know that you want to try that little thing he mentioned some time back. No matter how dumb or stupid or weird it sounds, if it doesn’t hurt you or isn’t grossly unsanitary, give it at least one try. As stupid as you might think you look or feel, suck it up and don’t dwell on it. ‘Cause in HIS eyes all he sees is a SEX GODDESS!

4. When it’s all done (or even during) stroke his ego. Tell him how good he is and no one can do you the way he does, YES even if he is lousy. There are ways to make him better, but we’ll discuss that at another time.

All in all, your goal is to make sure that when he’s lost in a fantasy, it’s YOU he’s thinking about, which means it’s YOU he’s coming home to...every time.

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