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Women can be a little timid and sometimes flat out embarrassed when it comes to getting down and dirty in the bedroom.  We may have desires and fantasies that we think would be frowned upon by our men and might make them see us in a different light.  Here’s an article I came across on Ask.com by Vanessa Burton who talked to different women about their secret desires. Here are a few things your woman might want in bed but might be uncomfortable asking for.

Just about every woman I encountered had the words "more aggressive sex" rolling off her tongue. From being tied up and spanked to having their hair pulled and being mildly choked, the women were quite enthusiastic about aggressive sex. Of course, I'm not implying that you should go home and smack your lady, but instead, maybe a little roughing in the bedroom can work wonders for your sex life. And if that's not enough, these women didn't simply want their men to be more aggressive; they wanted to, on occasion, be the aggressor....

In the spirit of being vocal, believe it or not, dirty talk was mentioned quite often. But it wasn't the flowery variety; the talk that many women wanted was downright nasty. The colorful language they were using had these women blushing, but their candidness was much appreciated. Of course, I can't write any of it here without being censored, but I'm certain you can use your imagination on this one.

As one woman put it: "I am tired of being that precious lady in the bedroom. I'm tired of 'making love' and doing things gently all the time. I want him to have raunchy sex with me and talk to me as though he just met me and cares nothing about what I want. I want him to ravish me like an animal and tell me to be quiet whenever I try to say something."......Wow!

I guess, in the end, there are plenty of women who want to be more raunchy in the bedroom. But they simply fear that if they behave in such a manner, their guy will think less of them, and some are even afraid that he will mistakenly begin treating them differently outside the bedroom as well. All the same, many women are big fans of scenarios such as the one described.

Whether it's for you or her, women want a whole lot more of the mouth in the south. To my surprise, many women were keen on performing for their man as well (many in hopes of reciprocation). What they secretly wanted was directions. Now I don't mean "no, no left, now a little to the right, now go up, down, up, down, oh yeah," but rather describing how and why you like it when she's down there. And noise; women secretly want to hear you making all kinds of pleasant noises that assure them that they're doing a good, uh, job.

Now, on to your deeds down there. What do women secretly want? They want you to get deep down in there with your mouth, use your fingers. When she's really riled up, penetrate her with your penis for a little while, and then get busy again with your mouth.

It may sound like less of a fantasy and more of a sex tip, but a lot of women want their men to focus on their entire bodies. "I want him to lick and kiss everything from my ankles to the small of my back. I want him to arouse sensations that come from somewhere other than between my thighs," said one woman.

Maybe spending a little time on her inner thigh or kissing her wrist is not such a bad idea. And by doing so, she will likely do it to you as well, and who knows, maybe penetration will take a backseat to all this new sensation!

So ladies, let's hear from you. If this article seems to be about right, comment "Amen!" to let us know if we're in the right ball park!

(Read full article on AskMen.com)

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